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This page contains a description of the programmed teaching (list of courses) for each Academic Year for both the Bachelor Degree Program (L-31 Science and Computer Technologies) and the Master's Degree Program in Computer Science (LM-18 Informatica).

The teaching load is associated to each course expressed in so-called University Training Credits (CFU) and a link to the didactic material. Full course datasheets, including syllabus (i.e., the program), and other information are available on the page Course Sheets.

A CFU corresponds to a nominal 25 hours of didactic load. For each CFU, 8 hours lesson or 12 hours of practice (in classroom or in the laboratory) are provided.

The beginning and end of class periods and exam sessions are defined in the Academic Calendar and are published on the relevant pages of this site.

Information on courses held in academic years prior to A.A. 2016-2017 are available here and here.

For the choice of elective courses consult this page and for more information on training please check here.

To retrieve the information you need, select Academic Year, Study Course (Curricula) and click View.