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The degree courses in Computer Science

The Computer Science Degree Courses at the University of Calabria were established in 2001 to meet the demand for adequately trained professionals in information and communication technology. The emphasis of the degree courses is on creating a professional figure who is not only capable of manipulating abstract scientific, technical or economic models but who is also oriented towards problem-solving and has the necessary computer skills for deriving efficient solutions.

the cubes

An overview of the courses offered, including a detailed description and the semester allocation, can be found on the course information page.


As of 2012 all courses of the second degree course are offered in English. International students can find additional information about studying with us, and in Italy, on the international students page. Students interested in joining us via the Erasmus programme and in need of further information should also visit the Erasmus page of the degree course.

Dual Degree Programme

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria Université d'Artois

The Master's Degree in Computer Science has two agreements for the "dual-degree" title with:

For more information, please visit the following page: Dual Degree Programme.

Research in Computer Science

The Computer Science research group at the University of Calabria is internationally renowned for its contributions in the areas of artificial intelligence, databases and knowledge management. The research activity in Computer Science within the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science can be roughly divided into the three areas: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Information Systems and Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems.

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The group participates in several international research projects funded by the European Commission. The research group is also actively involved in technology transfer: it fostered the creation of four academic spin-off companies, Exeura s.r.l., Artémat s.r.l., DLVSystem s.r.l. and Idum s.r.l., which successfully operate on the IT market.

The research of the group has been awarded with several international prizes; furthermore, among the research groups in computer science in Italy, the group ranked second in the research assessment VTR 2001-2003 and first in the research assessment VQR 2004-2010 for its quality of research.