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Knowledge Representation and Semantic Web - Academic year 2018/2019

Course information

Lecturer: Mario Alviano

Office hours: consult my homepage

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Lecture Hall: Lab 31/a


Course material

Programme (in short)

  1. Semantic Web
    • Description Logics, RDF, RDF-S and OWL
    • XML, DTD and XML Schema
    • XPath and XSLT
  2. Classical Logic
    • Propositional logic
    • First-order logic
    • Calculi


  1. Introduction: presentation, handout

  2. XML and DTD: presentation, handout, exercises

  3. XML Schema: presentation, handout, exercises

  4. XPath: presentation, handout, exercises

  5. XSLT (part I): presentation, handout

  6. XSLT (part II): presentation, handout, exercises

  7. Propositional Logic - Syntax and Semantics: presentation, handout

  8. Propositional Logic - Properties: presentation, handout

  9. Propositional Logic - Sequent Calculus: presentation, handout

  10. Propositional Logic - Exercises: presentation, handout

  11. Propositional Logic - Computation and propositional tableau: presentation, handout

  12. Propositional Logic - Resolution and DPLL: presentation, handout

  13. Propositional Logic - Computer exercises: presentation, handout

  14. First-Order Logic - Syntax and semantics: presentation, handout

  15. First-Order Logic - Semantic notions and sequent calculus: presentation, handout

  16. First-Order Logic - Computer exercises: presentation, handout, examples

  17. First-Order logic - Normal forms and Herbrand theory: presentation, handout

  18. First-Order Logic - Tableau: presentation, handout

  19. First-Order Logic - Resolution: presentation, handout

  20. Description Logics: presentation, handout

Exercises to Solve at Home

  1. Have a look at the end of the slides; some solutions written in the class can be found here

  2. Exercises to be solved in the classroom (23, 24, 25, 26, 33, 34, 35) and at home by Javier Larrosa: download

  3. Nice collection of exercises (with solutions) by Chiara Ghidini and Luciano Serafini: download

  4. Exercises on Description Logics: download (exercises 1 and 2); download (exercise 10); download (exercises 1, 3 and 4);



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