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Knowledge Representation and Semantic Web - Academic year 2016/2017

Course information

Lecturer: Mario Alviano

Office hours: consult my homepage

Notice board


Lecture Hall: Lab 31/a


Course material

Programme (in short)

  1. Semantic Web
    • Description Logics, RDF, RDF-S and OWL
    • XML, DTD and XML Schema
    • XPath and XSLT
  2. Classical Logic
    • Propositional logic
    • First-order logic
    • Calculi


  1. Introduction: presentation, handout

  2. XML and DTD: presentation, handout, exercises

  3. XML Schema: presentation, handout, exercises

  4. XPath: presentation, handout, exercises

  5. XSLT (part I): presentation, handout

  6. XSLT (part II): presentation, handout, exercises

  7. Propositional Logic - Syntax and Semantics: presentation, handout

  8. Propositional Logic - Properties: presentation, handout

  9. Propositional Logic - Sequent Calculus: presentation, handout

  10. Propositional Logic - Exercises: presentation, handout

  11. Propositional Logic - Computation and propositional tableau: presentation, handout

  12. Propositional Logic - Resolution and DPLL: presentation, handout

  13. Propositional Logic - Computer exercises: presentation, handout

  14. First-Order Logic - Syntax and semantics: presentation, handout

  15. First-Order Logic - Semantic notions and sequent calculus: presentation, handout

  16. First-Order Logic - Computer exercises: presentation, handout, examples

  17. First-Order logic - Normal forms and Herbrand theory: presentation, handout

  18. First-Order Logic - Tableau: presentation, handout

  19. First-Order Logic - Resolution: presentation, handout

  20. Description Logics: presentation, handout

Exercises to Solve at Home

  1. Have a look at the end of the slides
  2. Exercises to be solved in the classroom (23, 24, 25, 26, 33, 34, 35) and at home by Javier Larrosa: download

  3. Nice collection of exercises (with solutions) by Chiara Ghidini and Luciano Serafini: download

  4. Exercises on Description Logics: download (exercises 1 and 2); download (exercise 10); download (exercises 1, 3 and 4);



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