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Nicola Leone

Email: leone[AT]mat.unical.it
Web: Personal site

Logic-Based Artificial Intelligence, Database systems and deductive databases, Logic programming, Answer Set Programming/Disjunctive Logic Programming, Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Knowledge representation and reasoning/Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Algorithms and computational complexity in databases and AI

See the research description of the Artificial Intelligence group.

Awards and Honors:
Winner of the ACM-PODS Alberto O. Mendelzon Test-of-Time Award for 2009. This prize is awarded every year to the paper published in the PODS proceedings ten years prior that had the most impact in terms of research, methodology, or transfer to practice over the intervening decade.

Winner of prize Galarte 2011 – supported by the President of Italian Republic – assigned to the best calabrian scientists for 2011.

Winner of a Civic Award in 2011 in Diamante for the excellence of the research activities.

In 2012 elected as an ECCAI fellow.

Winner of the "Best Paper Award" at the International Conference of Logic Programming In 2015 (ICLP'15) and 2017 (ICLP'17)

Winner of the "Gems of PODS" in 2016, the Symposium on Principles of Database Systems is the premiere international conference on the theoretical aspects of database systems.

Winner of the Test-of-Time-Award ICLP in 2018 at Oxford, for the research with the greatest impact in the last decade.

Included in the list of the Top Italian Scientists of the Via Academy, comprising the most cited Italian scientists from all disciplines.