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Secure Software Design - Academic year 2016/2017

Course information

Lecturer: Mario Alviano

Office hours: consult my homepage

Assistant: Davide Fuscà

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Lecture Hall: MT15


Course material


  1. Introduction and Java Declarations and Initialization (DCL): presentation, handout

  2. Java - Input Validation and Data Sanitization (IDS): presentation, handout

  3. Java - Expressions (EXP): presentation, handout

  4. Java - Numeric Types and Operations (NUM): presentation, handout

  5. Java - Object Orientation (OBJ): presentation, handout

  6. Java - Methods (MET): presentation, handout

  7. Java - Exceptional Behavior (ERR): presentation, handout

  8. Java - Visibility and Atomicity (VNA): presentation, handout

  9. Java - Locking (LCK): presentation, handout

  10. Java - Thread APIs (THI): presentation, handout

  11. Java - Thread Pools (TPS) and Thread-Safety Miscellaneous (TSM): presentation, handout

  12. Low level attacks - Assembly (part 1): presentation, handout, examples

  13. Low level attacks - Assembly (part 2): presentation, handout, examples

  14. Low level attacks - Disassembler and debugger: presentation, handout, examples

  15. Low level attacks - Shellcode: presentation, handout, examples

  16. Low level attacks - Format string vulnerabilities (part 1): presentation, handout, examples

  17. Low level attacks - Format string vulnerabilities (part 2): presentation, handout, examples

  18. Low level attacks - Final remarks: presentation, handout, examples

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