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Why study Computer Science?

Whether it’s your phone or television, hospital or astronaut’s space equipment, virtually all things around you work with the software they contain, even though it's usually invisible to people using it. Just stop for a moment to think about how computing is virtually indispensable to life in modern society: This is why today careers regarding computer specialists are among the most sought-after and most brilliant.

Have you ever thought about how it could be working at Apple or Google, or founding your own software company and becoming a leader in the video game market or for the most innovative biomedical solutions? Maybe you probably don’t know that you do not have to go so far to study what you need.

Why at the University of Calabria?

Because you won't be only a serial number.

We only select 90 students each year so that we can guarantee balanced access to resources and facilities (such as workstations in the lab), a rewarding experience with your colleagues, and a relationship with teachers far closer than imagined (only seven students are assigned to a teacher-tutor annually, on average).

Because you will be guided and followed in your entry into the labour market.

You can choose to graduate in our department, in research institutes abroad, or even by means of a internship at companies that are leaders in the ICT market (experience tells us that most students receive a job offer before the end of the internship!).

Because you will live in an international context.

During the studies at the Campus of Arcavacata you will be accompanied by regularly enrolled Italian and foreign colleagues : the course is in fact very attractive for students from other Countries (just think that the Master Degree course in Computer Science was one of the first ad be activated entirely in English at Unical). Besides Erasmus / (+) / Placement programs that make it possible to acquire experiences in foreign universities, research centers and companies, as well as to meet and welcome foreign students, we support programs for achieving a double study title in collaboration with major foreign universities (students of the Master Degree Course can achieve, without lengthening the duration of the studies, a degree abroad in addition to the Computer Science degree);

Because you will find a job quickly.

Statistics tell us that only a few months pass since a student starts looking for a job, and report that many receive offers even before graduation, thanks to thesis experiences abroad and company internships.

...because... CS@CS!

What do you study?

The degree course, always up to date and kept up with the needs of the market, industry and research, is strongly characterized by a special focus on IT as a whole, new technologies, and on practice activities.

Since the Bachelor's degree, the courses are strongly focused on IT disciplines, ensuring optimum coverage: programming (classical, web, innovative), databases and knowledge management, mobile computing, artificial intelligence, Software engineering, networks and security, parallel computing, 3D graphics and gaming, scientific computing, etc.

And since it's just doing that you learn to do, almost every course involves intense laboratory activity and project implementation.

The master's degree program provides four different curricula, which allows the student to choose to specialize in her/his ambitions and attitudes: Artificial Intelligence & Games, Data Science, Network & Security and Business Informatics.

Each curriculum, then, is customizable with specific integration of specializations abroad.

All details on the training offer and the Computer Studies Course are available on this site in the relevant sections.

And after graduating?

You will quickly find a job.

Official data on the employment of our students after graduation report that, on average, only three months to find work are sufficient; The employment rate after the Master Degree is close to 100%, and above the average of Italian graduates.

Your professionalism will be recognized.

Computer students graduated at UniCal are more appreciated than the national average by colleagues and superiors in companies, in Italy and abroad.

You will really be able to profit from the studies, without having the feeling of having wasted time during the graduation years.

Basically, all of our graduates work as IT specialists, and not having a makeshift solution: even the actual exploitation of skills acquired during graduation is 20% higher than the average of any other graduate in Computer science of other Italian universities. Additionally, if you prefer to choose to the computer science self-employment profession, you will have access to the Computer Science Engineers' register.

How to enroll?

If you are interested in enrolling in the Computer Science degree at the University of Calabria at this point, you will find all the necessary information about admission and registration procedures in this website at the Application section.

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You can always contact us by e-mail at cds-informatica@mat.unical.it, or by visiting our pagina official Facebook page.

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