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Requesting the thesis

General Information

Bachelor's Degree

To obtain the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science it is mandatory to undergo a final examination. It consists of a discussion of a paper (thesis) that describes the work undertaken during a departmental activity or within a company (via internship).

In order to be admitted to the final exam the student must have acquired all the credits foreseen in the curriculum of the Computer Science Degree Course and in his study plan, except those related to the final examination.

The thesis (also in the case of an internship) has to be prepared under the supervision of a professor at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, eventually with assistance of one or more co-supervisors, that might also non-faculty.

During the third year, but not before having acquired 120 credits, the student chooses his supervisor and reaches an agreement about the thesis subject with him.

Master's Degree

In order to obtain the Master's Degree in Computer Science a thesis has to be presented and discussed during the final examination. The thesis and discussion can be done either in Italian or English. The preparation of the thesis is carried out under the guidance of a supervisor.

The thesis work can be carried out at the University of Calabria, but also, or alternatively, at other universities, institutes or research organizations and companies, both Italian and foreign, provided that a proper authorization by the supervisor is given in advance.

Students are advised to choose their thesis supervisor, and begin planning for the dissertation at the end of the first year of the Master's Degree (after having passed the exams).

Procedure for requesting the thesis

The procedure for requesting the thesis is the same for both the Bachelor's and Master's Degree.

In order to start, the student must choose a thesis topic and a supervisor. A partial list of topics offered by members of the department is available on the page Thesis themes and internships. Alternatively, an agreement about the topic can be reached with the supervisor.

Assignment of a thesis external to the Department

The student must:

The requests for assignment of the thesis has to be evaluated by the Board of Studies, which will assign an "internal" supervisor of the Department.

Assignment of a internship in a company

It is import that the student who wishes to carry out an internship (either to obtain the Bachelor’s or Master's Degree) is aware of the procedures for assigning an internship and properly estimates the time required to complete the various administrative practices involved.

The process for the activation of an internship is described on the page Assegnazione Stage Aziendale (page in Italian), according to two scenarios. The first refers to the more typical case of a company that has already signed an agreement with the Department, see the list of companies; the second describes the process of activation of an internship at a company which has no agreement with the Department yet.

Any student willing for an internship is encouraged to contact a faculty member for guidance.

Submission of the thesis

Before applying for admission to the final exam and graduation ceremony the student MUST contact her supervisor, in order to ensure that the thesis work is good enough to be positively evaluated during the graduation session. This way, the student will avoid wasting time (and money) by unsuccessfully applying.

(!) The application form for admission to the final exam and graduation ceremony, together with all attachments, must be submitted to the "Segreteria Studenti" (Dr. T. Molinaro) 45 days before the date set for the final exam and graduation ceremony.

(!) 15 days before the graduation date the student must be deliver to the:

Students admission office


The final exam and graduation ceremony

The candidate should show up at least a few minutes before the scheduled time for the official start of the examination, in order to upload his presentation on the PC from which presentations will be projected (in the case of the Master's degree), or to install the poster in the dedicated area (in case of the Bachelor’s Degree).

During the presentation the candidate is usually requested to briefly answer to one or more questions about his thesis.

During the graduation ceremony candidates are arranged in a row before the committee. The president proclaims the outcome of the examination by calling the students by name, one by one. When their name is uttered, the student makes a step forward and the president announces the final grade. In case students are wearing gowns, the candidate moves the tassel attached to the graduation hat from left to right, to indicate his "change of status".

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