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DLV-Complex: The Project

DLV-Complex is an Answer Set Programming System extending [ DLV] by means of functions. It is a very powerful ASP system supporting (recursive) functions, sets, and lists, along with libraries for their manipulations.

DLV-Complex is based on the [ DLV] system and on the [ DLV-EX] framework, from which it inherits the possibility of defining external predicates. If will find everything you need in order to create your own external predicates collected in libraries on the [ DLV-EX] page.

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The Team

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DLV-Complex is actively developed. To receive notifications about new releases and other important events regarding DLV-Complex, just have a look at this page, or drop us a note [mailto:calimeri{NOSPAM-at-NOSPAM} here].

Please always use the most current version of DLV-Complex (cf. [#history version history]).


Latest Version


Standard Version

We currently offer a command-line version in binary form for linux and Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista.


Static Version

attachment:new.gif We offer also a statically linked executable, that includes list and set manipulation libraries. This version do not need any pre-installed dynamic library on your system; in addition, it is self-contained, meaning that you do not need to download any library (such as those below) in order to enjoy full lists and set support. It is ready-to-use. :) Nevertheless, this version do not support external predicates/libraries (see [ DLV-EX] page).


Latest Libraries


Developing New External Predicates and Libraries

If will find everything you need in order to create your own external predicates (collected in dynamic libraries) on the [ DLV-EX] page.

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Documentation & Examples

We provide here a quick reference guide, a short tutorial and some examples.

Documentation and examples will be updated accordingly to the evolution of the system, so check them out periodically. For a full documentation on [ DLV] please visit the official [ web page]. You might also find useful to check the official [ web page] of [ DLV-EX] out for docs and info.

Reference Guide and Tutorial


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Start moving towards new functional built-in approach, in order to meet official [ DLV] future standards. Fix some nasty bugs involving the interaction between built-ins and aggregates. Further improve stability.

Improve stability. Remove some useless #MAXINT restrictions. Release a static version.

Minor bugfixes (some in finite-domain checker).

Improve finite-domain checker. Nicefy help messages. Several bugfixes.

First beta version.

...did not carry a real version identification.

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Drop us a note at [mailto:calimeri{NOSPAM-at-NOSPAM} calimeri{at}]