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 * [http://sv.mat.unical.it/~ianni/dlpt/examples_lpnmr.zip Simple_examples]
 * [http://sv.mat.unical.it/~ianni/dlpt/examples.zip Other examples]
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== Documentation & Examples ==
 The following examples could be interesting:

 * [http://sv.mat.unical.it/~ianni/dlpt/examples_lpnmr.zip Simple_examples]
 * [http://sv.mat.unical.it/~ianni/dlpt/examples.zip Other examples]

The DLT Home Page


About DLT

  • DLT is a frontend for disjunctive datalog, extending the [http://www.dlvsystem.com DLV system] with Template predicates.

The Team

  • Project Coordinator
  • [http://www.gibbi.com Giovambattista Ianni] Sr. Developers

  • Francesco Calimeri, Giuseppe Ielpa (emeritus) Jr. Developers
  • Susanna Cozza, Adriana Pietramala , Maria Carmela Santoro

Have a look at our [http://sv.mat.unical.it/~ianni/dlpt/gallery.htm gallery!]


Related Work

  • [http://www.mat.unical.it/kali/dlv-ex DLV-EX] is an Answer Set Programming System with External Predicates, featuring a framework aimed at enabling ASP to deal with external sources of computation. It has been implemented and is currently maintained by members of the DLV team from Università della Calabria (some of them are involved also into the DLT project). DLV-EX features will be soonly part of the DLV System. It allows DLT as a pre-parser.

  • [http://www.kr.tuwien.ac.at/staff/roman/dlvhex/ DLV-HEX] features "second order" external predicates taking relational input an returning relational output, as well as higher order atoms. It allows DLT as a pre-parser.

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