September 8, 2005
Diamante - Italy

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Time Subject Speaker
15.00  Data integration: Achievements and Open Issues Maurizio Lenzerini (University of Rome - "La Sapienza", ITALY)
15.25  Extracting Information from the Web Georg Gottlob (Vienna University of Technology, AUSTRIA)
15.50  Inconsistency Handling in Data Integration Systems:
An IBM -- Carleton University Joint Project
Loreto Bravo (Carleton University, CANADA)
16.15  Break  -
16.45  Data integration from the industry perspective Paolo Naggar (CM Sistemi, ITALY)
17.10  INFOMIX: A System for Advanced Information Integration Nicola Leone (University of Calabria, ITALY)
17.35  INFOMIX Application Study: Tests and Benchmarks Thomas Eiter (Vienna University of Technology, AUSTRIA)
18.00  INFOMIX Demonstration Gianluigi Greco (University of Calabria, ITALY)