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8th International Conference on
Logic Programming and Non Monotonic Reasoning
Diamante, Cosenza, Italy
September 5-8, 2005

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LPNMR'05 List of Accepted Systems and Applications

Susanne Grell, Kathrin Konczak, Torsten Schaub. A System for Computing Preferred Answer Sets

Omar Elkhatib, Enrico Pontelli, Tran Cao Son. Integrating An Answer Set Solver into Prolog: ASP-PROLOG

Gang Wu, Jia-Huai You, Guohui Lin. Application of Smodels in Quartet Based Phylogeny Construction

Christoph Beierle, Oliver Dusso, Gabriele Kern-Isberner. Using Answer Set Programming for a Decision Support System

E. Oikarinen, T. Janhunen. circ2dlp -- Translating Circumscription intoDisjunctive Logic Programming

Lengning Liu, Miroslaw Truszczynski. Pbmodels Software to Compute Stable Models by Pseudoboolean Solvers

Thomas Eiter, Michael Fink, Jan Senko. KMonitor - A Tool for Monitoring Plan Execution in Action Theories

Francesco Ricca, Nicola Leone, Tina Dell'Armi, Valerio De Bonis, Stefania Galizia, and Giovanni Grasso. A DLP system with object-oriented features

Thomas Eiter, Wolfgang Faber, and Patrick Traxler. Testing Strong Equivalence of Nonmonotonic Datalog Programs - Implementation and Examples

Nicola Leone, Thomas Eiter, Wolfgang Faber, Michael Fink, Georg Gottlob, Gianluigi Greco, Edyta Kalka, Giovambattista Ianni, Domenico Lembo, Maurizio Lenzerini, Vincenzino Lio, Bartosz Nowicki, Riccardo Rosati, Marco Ruzzi, Witold Staniszkis, Giorgio Terracina. Data Integration: a Challenging ASP Application

Christian Anger, Martin Gebser, Thomas Linke, Andr Neumann, Torsten Schaub. The nomore++ System

Islam Elkabani, Enrico Pontelli, Tran Cao Son. SMODELS^A -- A System for Computing Answer Sets of Logic Programs with Aggregates

Kathrin Konczak, Ralf Vogel. Abduction and Preferences in Linguistics: Extended Abstract

Irene Papatheodorou, Antonis Kakas and Marek Sergot. Inference of Gene Relations from Microarray Data by Abduction

Yin Chen, Fangzhen Lin and Lei Li. SELP - A System for Studying Strong Equivalence between Logic Programs

Yuliya Lierler. Disjunctive Answer Set Programming via Satisfiability

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