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8th International Conference on
Logic Programming and Non Monotonic Reasoning
Diamante, Cosenza, Italy
September 5-8, 2005

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Program of Tuesday, September 6 th 2005

- Guided tour of the archaeological site of the town of Laos.
- Sightseeing of remains of the Middle Ages in the neighborhoods of S. Maria del Cedro.
- Guided tour of the old town of Cirella.

- Social Dinner at Tartana Club, Cirella.

14,45 Departure from the townhall of Diamante (Conference Venue) to reach the town of Marcellina.

15,15 Guided tour of the archaeological site of the town of Laos, a colony of the city of Sybaris, belonging to Magna Graecia, founded in the fifth century BC. The site provides also a small exhibition of objects found in the neighborhoods.

17,00 Sightseeing of the remains of the castle of San Michele, near Abatemarco river. The castle was built in the eleventh century. Nearby can be admired the remains of a Swabian-Aragonese aqueduct. Along the river and the road, the fields are cultivated with the best Citrus Medica. Every year the Jewish communities come to Italy to buy Citrus fruits for the celebration of Sukkot. In the area can be noted also records of the Middle Ages period, such as a bizanthine tower and what remains of the little church dedicated to S. Andrea. About 0,5Km off-road the restored Carcere dell'Impresa, built in the sixteenth century.

17,30 Transfer to the remains of the old town of Cirella. Guided tour at the old town of Cirella. From the hill you can admire the glance over the little island with a Middle Ages tower, and over Riviera dei Cedri. Remains of the church of San Nicola Magno and of the closter of San Francesco, built in the sixteenth century. Near the old town there are remains of the Roman Age.

19, 15 In the early evening return back to Diamante, the participants who want to wait to Cirella for the social dinner can have a stroll in the new town, in order to have a look at the church of Santa Maria dei Fiori built in the seventeenth century.

20,30 Departure from the Townhall of Diamante (Conference Venue) in order to reach Cirella for the social dinner.

20,45 The Social Dinner will take place at "Tartana Club", in Cirella.

Return to Diamante Townhall after the dinner (Due time 24,00).

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