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8th International Conference on
Logic Programming and Non Monotonic Reasoning
Diamante, Cosenza, Italy
September 5-8, 2005

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About Diamante
A maritime town at the heart of Riviera dei Cedri, a crossroad for history, traditions and tourism of the West Coast of Northern Calabria. In Diamante live about 5.000 inhabitants and its economy is mostly based on tourism. The beauty of the sea mainly suggests a visit to Diamante in summertime, but the weather and the nice climate enlarges the period from April to the end of October.

In the neighbour village of Cirella the ruins of the Roman Age and of the Middle Ages bring back to us the strategic settlement of the town on the coast, near to the Magna Graecia colony named Laos. The town it is also famous as to be "The city of murales": in the last 30 years through the narrow lanes of the old town, artists have been taking inspiration to paint their pieces.
Diamante is also well known for "Peperoncino Festival": the worldwide meeting held in the beginning of september dedicated to the hot red spice.

About Riviera dei Cedri
Riviera dei Cedri is the Northern Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, to the borders of Basilicata, and comprehending towns and villages of the mountains behind the coast. The name of the riviera comes from the fruit which grows in this area.
Hystory brings the visitor into a journey in the time: from prehistoric age, with the site of Papasidero and the oldest sign of presence of Man in this area, and the cave of Praia. Passing through the autoctone population of the site of Tortora arriving to the great Greek and Roman civilization in Marcellina, Cirella, and Scalea.
Lots of remains of the Middle Ages period can be found in quite all the towns: nice are the sites of Cirella, and the castle of Belvedere Marittimo. Riviera dei Cedri has been a crossroad for the commercial traffic of the Mediterranean sea and people coming from the North, and a shelter for refugees: Guardia Piemontese is a town preserving the traditions of its occitanic founders who came from Northern Italy to escape from persecutions bringing with themselves the experience of textile industry.
Nowadays Riviera dei Cedri is a place where people can find leisure and resort expecially in the summer. Sports and adventure lover can either join a rafting ride along Lao river, or flight along the coast with light planes. The tourist can relax walking along the natural reserve of river Argentino, or can enjoy the sun and the sea. Each town preserves its local traditions also from the food point of view. Citrus is used to prepare sweets and spirits. The inner part of the Riviera is known for the vineyards while Diamante promotes spicy dishes with peperoncino.

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