The DLV Wrapper Project
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    1. What is the DLV Wrapper?
      • The DLV Wrapper is a Java library that allows disjunctive logic programs to be embedded inside Object oriented programs.
    2. Is there a C++ version of the DLV Wrapper?
      • The C++ version is not available.
    3. How can I contact the DLV Wrapper code mantainers?
    4. Is the DLV Wrapper a free software?
      • The DLV Wrapper is free for educational and non commercial use. For information on commercial use contact Nicola Leone and Francesco Ricca.
    5. Is the dlv system DLV distributed with the DLV Wrapper?
    6. How can I subscribe to the DLV Wrapper mailig list?
      • Send an e-mail to with the message:
        subscribe dlvwrapper-dev
    7. How can I unsubscribe from the DLV Wrapper mailing list?
      • Send an e-mail to with the message:
        unsubscribe dlvwrapper-dev