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Uses the B-Prolog system: tabling for dynamic programming problems, CLP(FD) for most CSPs, and foreach and list comprehension for loops and aggregates.


System Settings

Only the default setting was used and no special setting was used for individual programs since B-Prolog automatically garbage-collects and expands stacks as needed. Except for three problems (Grammar, Company control, and Labyrinth) that required only plain Prolog, all the solutions used either CLP(FD) or tabling. Most of the high-performing CLP(FD) programs used global constraints including all_distinct, element, circuit, cumulative, and path_from_to. Mode-directed tabling demonstrated a strong performance in the competition. It not only helped easily solve the path-finding problems such as Airport-Pickup and Hydraulic Planning problems, but also helped provide elegant and efficient dynamic programming solutions to the Sokoban and Hanoi Tower problems for which tabling and CLP(FD) had been considered unsuited. The BPSolver solutions are available at:


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