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Airport Pickup

Problem Description

Imagine a city composed of locations and possible driveways between these locations. (to be represented by a connected graph) One of this locations is an Airport. A set of vehicles are located around the city, and a collection of passengers are in the airport and need to be picked up by a vehicle.

Each passenger is carrying a collection of luggage, each with a weight. Each vehicle has a maximum weight loading capacity.

Find a plan to drive the vehicles to the airport and pickup all the passengers, one passenger per vehicle, making sure that each passenger is picked-up by a vehicle that is able to carry all of their luggage.

Input format

a. Atoms of the form location(L) listing the names of locations.

b. Atoms of the form driveway(L1, L2) where L1 and L2 are locations, indicating that it is possible to drive from L1 to L2 ( and from L2 to L1 ).

c. Atoms of the form veh(V,C) where V is the name of a vehicle and C is a number, the loading capacity of the vehicle.

d. For every vehicle an atom of the form at(V,L) where L is a location, indicating the initial location of a vehicle.

e. Atoms of the form luggage(P,[W0, W1, ..., Wn]) where P is the name of a passenger and [W0, W1, ..., Wn] is a list of weights of P's luggage items.

Output format

The output format is a sequence of instructions to pick up the passengers. This sequence is formed with the atoms drive(V,L,S) and pick(V,P,S) where:

a. drive(V,L,S) indicates vehicle V drives to location L at step S of the instruction sequence.

b.) pick(V,P,S) indicated vehicle V picks-up passenger P at step S of the instruction sequence.

Sample input

location(park). location(airport). driveway(park. airport). veh(car1, 50). at(car1, park). luggage(bill, [20, 25]).

Sample output

drive(car1, airport, 0). pick(car1, bill, 1).



Author: A. Ricardo Morales
Affiliation: Texas Tech University, United States

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