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Agile Software Development for Enterprise (former title Enterprise Applications)

Announcements and material 2019/2020 (current edition)

Sprint Review and Retrospective

The sprint review and retrospective will be done on the 9th of Janurary 2020 in room MT6 at 15:00.

Intermediate Test

The intermediate test is in MT6 at 10:30 - 12/11/2019

Subscription form

All students are invited to submit the subscription form at https://forms.gle/24RfKAg4XWnPp77E8

Announcements and material 2018/2019 (previous edition)

Important Advice


Course Information

Course Material


Slides of Practical Lessons and Exercises

  • Slides of Practical Lessions and Exercises are available on github

Old Material

Slides of Practical Lessons (Old)

Exercises (Old)


Two alternatives:

  • Project + oral exam (first exam session only)
  • Lab test + oral exam

Students can obtain the "firma di frequenza" attending lectures and developing a project before the first exam session

La firma di frequenza verrà data a chi segue il corso e svolge il progetto entro il primo appello.