ASPIDE is free for academic and non-commercial educational use, as well as for use by non-profit organisations. Note that current release is a Beta version: the system was tested on Windows(XP/Vista/7), Linux, Mac OS X and since version 1.47, it requires Java 8 (since that version, ASPIDE will not work with Java 7 or previous versions). It currently supports the DLV system and ASP Core 2.0 language. 

ASPIDE is composed by a main library, that is under the GNU General Public Licence, offering a minimal set of tools for editing simple files, running programs and getting results using an ASP solver. Additional functionalities will be enabled by accepting to dowload an add-on package.

To Download ASPIDE please read and accept the following terms conditions and follow the instruction specified below.



Since version 1.40, ASPIDE adopts a new installer. 

To get ASPIDE, please download and install the "ASPIDE Installer" available from the following links.

"ASPIDE Installer" links:

for Windows

 for Linux

 for Mac OS X

 .jar packages without installer

To get the "ASPIDE SDK for Plug-ins development", open ASPIDE and download it by using the menu Help -> Get SDK for Plug-ins development

Note to users of Mac OS X 10.7.5 and above: The default Gatekeeper settings for Mountain Lion are to only allow application downloads from the Mac App Store and identified developers. ASPIDE does not carry "identified developer" status, and you may see an error when attempting to open the "ASPIDE Installer" saying that the installer file is "damaged and can't be opened". To successfully open "ASPIDE Installer", navigate to Apple menu | System Preferences... | Security & Privacy | General tab, and select "Anywhere" from "Allow applications downloaded from".

Latest Version

The following is the latest version of ASPIDE. Note that this is a beta version. Send us comments, suggestions, as well as bug notifications via e-mail.

Beta Version 1.47

Release Date

January 9, 2018


1.47-beta - Requires Java 8

Release Name



New Features

   - Introduced Remote Projects management and Remote Executions via DLVService (

Bug Fixes

   - Bug fixes on Projects and Run Configurations management

Release History

In the follow, there is a complete release history of ASPIDE that shows, for each release, the release date, the release name and a description of the bugs fixed and of the new features added.

In the case where you would like to install one of these releases, open ASPIDE and use the menu Help -> Reverse Version.

Previous Versions

Beta Version 1.43.4

Release Date September 8, 2014


Release Name
Minor Improvement

   - When a file is renamed, the file now remain selected;

Bug Fixes

   - ASP Core 2 files with syntax errors now can be renamed without problems;

   - When a project is renamed, an error message related to Run Configurations does not appear anymore;

   - Minor fixes on renaming files.

Beta Version 1.43

Release Date August 14, 2014


Release Name
New Features

   - Introduced possibility to order literals by columns in the Results Window;

   - Improved Properties window of DLV Files and introduced possibility to disable errors and warnings detection

Bug Fixes

   - On the Run Configuration window, fixed selection problems in the files specification table;

   - Fixed a problem on user-defined plug-ins properties specification: now ASPIDE does not corrupt the current plug-in jar file;

   - Fixed some problems on rewriting processes of the Datatabase Source plug-in;

   - Fixed a parsing problem on DLV Files and ASP Core 2 Files when symbols "<" and ">" are introduced to comments.

Beta Version 1.42

Release Date June 18, 2014


Release Name

   - Introduced ARVis plug-in for graphical inspection of Answer Sets (info at;

   - Introduced Image Visualizer plug-in in order to visualize images files in ASPIDE;

   - Updated Requiem Rewriter in order to allow users to specify following rewriting modalities:
          - N (Naive: no optimizations);
          - F (Full: forward/query subsumption and dependency graph pruning);
          - G (Greedy: Full plus greedy unfolding).

   - Updated the OWL to DLV^E plug-in in order to detect and signal OWL statements which are not supported by DLV^E and, consequently, cannot be translated

New Features

   - Introduced possibility to add new default solvers by setting names and paths;

   - Introduced possibility to set user-defined properties, in the Java-Properties style, which can be passed in plug-ins for some purpose;

   - Introduced automatic restarting when ASPIDE needs to be restarted;

   - Introduced, in the Results Window, the project name where the current Run Configuration is stored

Bug Fixes

   - Fixed various problems on the Query Dialog including:
          - problems on setting/updating of Run Configurations;
          - problems on using existential terms and getting query results from the DLV^E solver.

   - When a Run Configuration is open by the Query Dialog, changing is now not signaled in the case where the user does not edit the Run Configuration;

   - When the workspace is refreshed, the Run Configurations do not disappear;

   - Fixed many problems on file managements (changing file type, renaming and opening actions between different editor types);

   - Fixed safety detection problems on built-in predicates in the case where constants assignments are non-numeric values;

   - Fixed a problem on parsing weak constraints on ASPCore 2 files;

   - On getting solver results, a problem on parsing ground query results is fixed;

   - Set Redo shortcut to be correctly handled in MacOs X by using default keys combination (Command-Shift-Z);

Beta Version 1.41

Release Date November 13, 2013


Release Name
New Plugins

    - Introduced a plug-in which exploits algorithms for consistent query answering (CQA) under different semantics (sound, complete, exact, or a variant of them). The algorithms rewrites a query and generates an Answer-Set Program for computing consistent answers to the query     

New Features

   - Improved the Database Source Plug-in: rewriters of the Plug-in are now collected in a unique plug-in
   - Improved SDK for plug-ins development (current version is now 1.0): in particular the Query Rewriting interface allows one to build a Program object instead of a File

   - Updated available plug-ins to be compatible with version 1.0 of the SDK for plug-ins development

   - Added possibility to distribute plugins using SVN servers

   - Added possibility to allow users to accept licences of new installed plug-ins 

Bug Fixes

   - On the execution phase, rewritings are performed correctly when a rewriter contained in a collection of rewriters is   selected

   - Fixed layout problems on the Query Dialog when Query Rewriters are specified 

   - Introduced possibility to perform rewriting by selecting multiple database source files

Internal library update

   - Updated JGraphT library to version 1.6

Beta Version 1.40

Release Date October 21, 2013


Release Name
Major Features

    - Introduced a new installer which installs/updates ASPIDE

    - Introduced the possibility to download the "ASPIDE SDK for Plug-ins Development" from ASPIDE itself  

Bug Fixes

    - Pop-up windows are now centered with respect to the main window of ASPIDE

    - Fixed a bug when no Run Configurations are selected and the "Delete Run Configurations" button is clicked

    - Fixed a problem on opening the Run Configuration Dialog

    - Fixed some problems on the ASP Core 2.0 language

Beta Version 1.37.1

Release Date August 20, 2013


Release Name
Bug Fixes

    - Fixed a problem on opening editors of Input Plug-ins

    - Fixed problems with path specifications when new plug-ins are downloaded directly from ASPIDE

Beta Version 1.37

Release Date August 2, 2013


Release Name

New Features

    - Introduced possibility to disable Quick Completion

    - Add the first two video tutorials in the home page

    - Automatic adding of -DBSupport and -ORdr- in the Run Configuration panel when the DLV^DB solver is selected

Bug Fixes

    - By using Run/Query/Debug directly or when a new Run Configuration is created by selecting files, default rewriters are correctly set on PLUGIN Files

    - When the Run Configuration window is closed by the user, ASPIDE does not ask to save when the Run Configuration is not modified

Beta Version 1.36

Release Date July 27, 2013


Release Name

Plugins for Ontology management

    - Bug fixes on Protégé Plugin. Introduced version 0.2

    - Introduced Presto rewriter

    - Requiem rewriter now rewrites constant terms in the DLV format correctly

New Features

    - Add experimental support for ASP Core 2.0 language

    - Introduced old plugins versions management (eg. by using the new version of ASPIDE, check whether old plugin works or mark an old plugin as compatible)

    - Introduced automatic update for already-installed plugins

Bug Fixes

    - Fixed a problem with command+Key in Mac preventing cut and paste in some corner cases

    - Fixed a problem with Java 7 for the outline visualization

    - Fixed bugs on the outline when files with existential quantifiers are loaded

    - Fixed classpath problems when plugins are loaded

    - When a DLV file is saved or a query is executed, other DLV editors do not loose unsaved contents

    - Fixed problems when a plugin is removed and, without restarting of ASPIDE, a new plugin is immediately added

Beta Version 1.35

Release Date April 23, 2013


Release Name
Note: If you have installed a version before the 1.30, we recommend to create a backup of your workspaces of ASPIDE that you have already created before starting this new version.

New Plugins for Ontology management

  - Protégé (beta version)

  - Requiem

  - Dataset to Facts

  - OWL to Datalog Exist

New Features
  - Added support for rules with existential quantifiers (Datalog Exist) with safety detection and Quick fixes

  - Introduced Quick Fixes which enable Arithmetic Expressions and Existential Quantifiers in the case where they are used and not enabled

  - Enhanced Run Configuration in order to specify more files in the same rewriting plugin before execution

  - Extended SKD for plugin development with the introduction of a facade in order to enable, from plugins, operations in ASPIDE like workspace files management

Bug Fixes
  - Fixed problems on including external libraries used by plugins

  - In the case where a Run Configuration has set the Query Panel as output, the default output window will be open when the user starts the executution by using the main execute button

  - On executing ALL_FILES for a Project, all files (also simple files) will be included

Beta Version 1.34

Release Date February 12, 2013


Release Name
New Features
  - Introduced a Survey for collecting feedback by end-users
Bug Fixes
  - Fixed a bug on updating errors in PLUGIN files

  - Fixed a problem in the case where the last row of a DLV file is a comment

Beta Version 1.32

Release Date December 31, 2012


Release Name
New Features
 - Introduced Arithmetic Expressions for DLV files
 - Enhanced plugin management:
            - set default pre-execution rewriters for specific PLUGIN files
            - specify more than one version of the Plugin SKD with which a plugin works
 - Introduced Automatic Updates of ASPIDE. Since this version, new releases of ASPIDE can be easily installed from the same environment without requiring to uninstall the old version.

 - Improved Properties window of DLV files in order to separate Lazy loading from enabling/disabling of features

Bug Fixes

  - The close button of the Run Configuration window now works

  - On closing of the Run Configuration window, the editing of the Run Configuration is correctly detected and ASPIDE asks to the user whether he wants to save the Run Configuration

  - Pre-execution rewriters are correctly saved when set on the Run Configuration window

  - Fixed a visualization problem of the icon related to the "Add File Button" of the Run Configuration window

  - Fixed parsing problem in the case where a @schema annotation is placed at the last row of the editor

  - Fixed problem on rendering predicates in the Results Window
  - Fixed parsing problem in rules containing aggregates in the case where a guard is bound with a variable of the head

  - Default plugin editors now always notify the environment in the case where an editing is performed on the editors

  - In the case where a file cannot be saved because of problems on the editor (e.g. syntax error), the switch action is forbidden

  - Fixed a visualization problem on the Run Configuration window related to external solver paths

  - Fixed pre-execution rewriters problems for files in the case where a query is executed by exploiting the Query Window

  - Fixed various issues affecting sources highlighting in DLV Files editors
  - Fixed various issues affecting renaming and deleting of files in the case where editors are open or these files are contained in the Default Run Configuration

  - Improved stability of the application when an existing workspace is open

Beta Version 1.31

Release Date September 13, 2012


Release Name
New Features

 - Introduced a button to open the Run Configuration dialog from the results dialog

 - Introduced a property for DLV File to control predicate coloring

 - Improved performace for source predicates coloring

 - Updated SDK for plugin development: better handleling of query rewriters and easier management of features in the plug-in development process

Bug Fixes

 - Fixed a problem occurring when ASPIDE runs on Java 7

 - Fixed problems introduced in the last version on autocompletion and quick fixes

 - When the Run Configuration dialog is closed, ASPIDE asks for saving the Run Configuration

 - Predicates of the DLV Editor that are associated to some external source, now are correctly highlighted

 - Fixed problems on quick fix suggestions in case a built-in predicate is not safe

 - The code template AtLeast now returns the correct result

 - Run Configuration modified via the Query Dialog are now saved as expected

Beta Version 1.30

Release Date August 26, 2012


Release Name
New Features

  - Re-engineered the Run Configuration and Run solver modalities
     - New panel for editing run configurations
     - Add the concept of default run configuration
     - Direct execution of single and multiple files, without specifying a run configuration
     - Re-designed execute buttons in the main toolbar

  - Introduced the Query panel for creating and running queries in both classical way and Epistemic mode

  - Introduced possibility to apply rewritings to files before execution

  - Re-designed the visual editor of TYP files

  - New Database management as built-in plugin:
     - sources as input files in a project
     - import table in ASPIDE for mapping them as predicates
     - perform rewriting to TYP directives, annotations and import directives
     - load tuples of table as facts in ASPIDE
         - Removed the old Source panel

  - New script rewriting plugin (to call external scripts for rewriting) introduced as built-in plug-in

  - Extended SDK for plug-ins development with:
     - user defined sub-trees on plug-in files
         - control icons that mark errors and warnings
     - handle plug-in files that cannot be open with any editor because of some error on the files
     - easy manage errors and quick fixes
     - get ProgramPredicate objects (if needed) of the DLVWrapper for managing and using them in the ASPIDE environment
     - manage and check compatibility of schemas used in Plug-in files
     - create different sub-rewriters for single rewriting plug-ins
     - create query rewriters
     - specify which version of the SDK was used to create a plug-in
     - introduce interfaces for query-specific plugins

General Improvements:

  - Improved schema management and checking of compatibility between DLV Files, TYP files and Plug-in files.

  - On the execution window, introduced a label showing how many tuples were generated for a single predicate.

  - Improved the available plug-ins window for allowing the updating of already installed plug-ins.

  - Extended the File menu with common functions already available on popup menus.

  - Introduced a property window for DLV files for setting the open modality (lazily with some disabled editor features) for make some control on the performance.

  - Introduce progress windows when reading huge input files with the possibility to interrupt the action.

  - Improved the mouse scrolling procedure of editors. Now each scroll action corresponds to 3 rows.

  - Improved Undo procedure on the DLV editors. Now the procedure do not remove so much of the last inserting of text.

Bug Fixes

  - Fixed a problem occurring when plug-ins editor is defined as generic JPanel objects.

  - Fixed a problem when the switch button is pressed in case the last editor of a plug-in is open and no next editor is specified.

  - Fixed problems on errors and warning at projects level.

  - No arity errors are signaled in rules that use predicates defined either when #import directives or USE definitions of TYP files have no attributes.

  - Fixed a problem when DLVDB is called with more than one parameter.

  - Fixed problems on deleting files and projects.

  - Introduced the possibility to rename a plug-in file.

  - Fixed problems with command+Key shortcuts in Mac OS-X.

  - Enabled Ctrl+Click of the mouse to open popup menus in Mac OS-X.

  - Bug fixes on the Visual Editor of DLV files, in particular on queries definitions.

Beta Version 1.25

Release Date April 26, 2012


Release Name
New Features

  - New plug-ins can be installed using remote locations and exploiting a window that shows a list of available plug-ins.

  - Improved Input Plug-in features to open files in their ASP version (both in Textual and Visual default editors).
           - the opening is possible if the plug-in implements a rewriting procedure to ASP;
           - the saving processes rewrites the ASP content in the original format if the plug-in implements a rewriting procedure from ASP.

  - Removed 'Windows' Menu. Now preferences of ASPIDE can be open using the 'File' Menu.

  - Introduced Error message on installing a plug-in pack with the same name of an existing plug-in.

  - Updated the SDK for plugins development.

Bug Fixes:

  - A plug-in file with errors is open correctly on the default plug-in editor,
           - when the file is open from the error console;
           - when the file is open using the popup menu of the file explorer panel;
           - when the file is open using a double-click on the file;

  - Removed useless popup menus from the default editor view for plug-ins

  - Fixed problems on opening ASPIDE without the ASPIDE-add-on library

Beta Version 1.24

Release Date April 06, 2012


Release Name
New Features

     - Introduced disabling feature for imported Plug-ins.

     - Updated the SDK for plug-ins development.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed problems on opening editors created with the plug-ins.

     - Fixed problems with plug-ins management

Beta Version 1.23

Release Date March 31, 2012


Release Name
New Features
     - Introduced possibility to add and use user-developed plugins for:
             - handling new generic input formats;
             - performing (online) program rewritings;
             - customizing the format of solver results.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed problems on deleting and renaming of files.

Beta Version 1.22

Release Date February 24, 2012


Release Name
New Features
     - Enhanced test case language:
           -  Added statements for selecting rules that contain particular predicates on the test cases definition.
           -  Added statements that check whether a unit test corresponds to a Splitting set or a DLP-Function.

     - Enhanced the schema management of the predicates, by adding:
           - schema panel on the outline that shows a view of all the schemas defined in a
              DLV file (@schema, #import, @useTable, @createTable);
           - enhanced schema editing (error management, quick Fixes, etc.);
           - enhanced typing system for schemas and imported predicates
           - consistent schema editing in the presence of external sources.

     - Improve & Fix external file import
           - "Import DLV file" becomes "Import file" and automatically recognizes the file type from the extension
           - "Import project" can deal with multiple files without freezing

Bug Fixes:

- The execution is now done correctly if the user specifies, on the Run Configuration, a different solver
        (not already set as default solver).
     - Solved some problems on applying Quick Fixes on the correct position of the text editor.
     - Solved some visualization problems on the error console.
     - When a double-click is done on errors of Test Files, the selection of the corresponding row is done correctly.
     - Some fixes on the Visual Editor for Test suites
     - Fixed a bug on getting the schema of a predicate using the @schema annotation.
     - Fix a problem concerning automatic naming of rules during test suite creation.
     - Global error updating now works properly when TYP files and Test files are saved.
     - No warning is issued whenever an imported predicate does not occurs in the head of any rule.
     - Fixed bugs concerning the update of schemas on the textual/visual switching phase.
     - Mark as failed a testcase execution that fails (e.g.. because the solver is missing).
     - Improve coloring for file annotations (e.g. @useTable, @createTable and so on).

Beta Version 1.21

Release Date December 13, 2011


Release Name
New Features

     - Introduced lazy loading, and editing features on demand to improve performance for huge DLV files.

Bug Fixes:

     - Rules like :~ X = 1 now are open properly on the Visual Program Editor.

     - Removed redundant parsers calls while typing or switching from visual to textual modes.

     - Fixed a bug when DLV files are disabled.

Beta Version 1.20

Release Date November 07, 2011


Release Name
New Features

     - Add support for visual editing of directives (such as #maxint).
     - Add specific support for #import and #export directives
     - Import of external projects
     - Warnings on rules are now are detected by considering all the files of the same project
     - Integration of IDPDraw tool for visualizing interpretations in a graphical way in the Run Configuration
     - Add postifx on duplicate predicate names in the body details/graph panels of the visual editor

Bug Fixes:

     - Support some non-visually-editable aggregate atoms in the Visual Program Editor
     - The Not command, on the Visual Program Editor, now works properly when more than entities are selected.
     - Performance improvements when huge DLV files are loaded
     - Safety checking on Directives and Weak Constraints now works properly
     - On executing of a Run Configuration, if some file is not saved, ASPIDE asks to save the file.
     - On double clicking on the "Facts" node in the outline ASPIDE asks if the user wants to switch to the Visual Program Editor.
     - The Import DLV File command now works properly when it is used from the ASPIDE Home.
     - When a query is executed and the result is empty, the result window now shows correctly an empty result.

Beta Version 1.19

Release Date October 06, 2011


Release Name
Error management on test files.

Additional assertions: assertNumberModels(n) and assertNoModels.   

Improved Variable completion in text editing.

Fixed bugs:

    - The  recent workspace list now shows workspaces in the correct order.
    - Assertion management problem regarding constraint assertions used together with atomic assertions fixed.
    - Fixed a problem occurring when test suites are run several times.
    - Fixed a problem occurring in the Visual Test Suite Editor when assertBestModel is used.
    - Fixed a problem occurring in test suites management when the default Run Configuration (ALL_FILES) is used;
    - Fixed a problem occurring in test case generation.
    - Renaming of Run Configuration now works properly.
    - Fixed a problem concerning unexpected Warnings on ASP files.
    - Popups correctly disappear in the Visual Program Editor.
    - #maxint directives are properly handled now.
    - Fix a problem concerning typeConv specification in the #import directives.
    - Strong negated literals properly visualised in the program outline.
    - Fixed behaviour when a Run Configuration dialog or a Test Suite dialog is open: the current run configuration is selected on the dialog.
    - Visualisation of strong negated literals introduced on the Result Window.

Beta Version 1.18

Release Date
September 12, 2011

Release Name

- Fixed many bugs on:
Run Configuration management
    - Visual Program Editor
    - Test Suite creation, execution, assertion management and test suites creation

Beta Version 1.17

Release Date
July 19, 2011

Release Name
Changed Solver Specifications. Now it is possible to add more than one different default solvers for execution.

Created feature Import Project.

Enhanced the Test Suite features with constraint assertions and best model cost assertions in case of execution with weak constraints.

- Fixed bugs on:
    - Project and Files management regarding missing files and multiple deleting of files
    - Quick Fix for domain predicates
    - Run Configuration regarding files with relative paths
    - Test Suite creation and execution

Beta Version 1.16

Release Date
June 27, 2011

Release Name
Some bug fix on test suites.

Introduced feature 'check for updates'.

Supporting of the Best Model for the Weak Constraints in the Results Window.

Beta Version 1.15

Release Date
June 21, 2011

Release Name
installation for Mac OSX.

Introduced the possibility to launch ASPIDE by command line giving also DLV files as parameters.
The installation process adds the ASPIDE installation folder to the PATH environment variable on both Windows and Linux operating systems.
On Windows and Mac OSX, after the installation process, by double-click on a file with extensions .dl.dlv, .asp and .typ, ASPIDE will be launched with the selected file.

Modified test suite implementation to allow running of more Test Suites at the same moment.

Added new help features on textual program composition.

- Fixed bugs on:
     - execution and error management of Test Suites.
     - the Visual Editor of the Test Suites, adding also a graphical assert management.
     - testing mode of the Assert managements. In particular on the Layout management of the Window and on the saving process of asserts.
     - execution of ASPIDE if it is launched from a different folder.

Beta Version 1.14

Release Date
May 18, 2011   (Version presented on LPNMR-11)

Release Name
Added Visual Editor for test suites
definition and asserts
Added new features for helping the user to rule compositions.

- Fixed bugs on:
     - assert management by the results window
     - workflow definition and execution
     - debugger

Beta Version 1.12

Release Date
April 8, 2011

Release Name
- Fixed bugs on:
     -  Test suite creations by selecting sub programs

     -  Creation of a new test case when the user selects sub programs
     -  Setting of the SPLIT_PROGRAM parameter on selecting sub programs and creating a new test case
     -  Relative paths for the input files on the Test Suites

Beta Version 1.11

Release Date
April 5, 2011

Release Name
Added graphical tools and icons on the results window.
Creation of new Test Suites from the results window.

- Fixed bugs on:
     -  Execution of Test Suites with the Run Configuration
     -  Relative paths for the input files on the Test Suites

Beta Version 1.1

Release Date
March 29, 2011

Release Name
- Introduced new Test Suite generation and management.

- Fixed bugs on:
     -  Wrong error signaling of arity also when the rules are disabled.

Beta Version 1.0

Release Date
February 18, 2011

Release Name
- Introduced, 
on the Outline, a highlighting of the name of the rules.

- Introduced, on the Source Panel, a highlighting of the table names stored in the database.

- Introduced installer for Windows and Linux

- Re-engineered the Visual Dependency Graph

- Fixed bugs on the Visual Editor and on program Annotations management.

- Fixed bugs on Safety Signaling (also in collapsed entities of the Visual Editor).

Beta Version 0.8.5

Release Date
February 2, 2011

Release Name
Introduced Quick Fixes on the Visual Editor of logic programs.

In particular the user can do quick fixes on Safety Errors and Arity Errors using the outline.

The user can also fix a non-safe attribute by clicking directly on the interested attribute.

Remade the synchronization of the external sources with the database.

On the Source Panel, it is possible also to see both the original names

of the tables stored in the database, and the imported names.

Beta Version 0.8.4

Release Date Janaury 15, 2011
Version 0.8.4-beta
Release Name ASPIDE_0.8.4-beta
Description Fixed bug for saving of logic program with list (es. fieldList([X|[Y|YL]])

Beta Version 0.8.3

Release Date Janaury 10, 2011
Version 0.8.3-beta
Release Name ASPIDE_0.8.3-beta
Fixed bug on safety for Aggregate Atoms.

Terminated safety error signaling on the outline. Now it works also for aggregates and collapsed predicates.

Re-drawn About window: introduced possibility to click on the link of ASPIDE website and on the Email of the authors. Inserted also the button for sending suggestion/signaling bugs.

Beta Version 0.8.2

Release Date December 21, 2010
Version 0.8.2-beta
Release Name ASPIDE_0.8.2-beta
Inserted User Manual.

Introduced partially the signaling of the safety error in the outline and made bug fix for the safety in the visual editor.

Beta Version 0.8.1

Release Date December 20, 2010
Version 0.8.1-beta
Release Name ASPIDE_0.8.1-beta
Introduced Licence and Email in the About Window.

Introduced an intuitive Visual Workflow Editor for composition of workflow executions (e.g., combining several solver/system calls), which are transparently compiled in perl scripts.

Beta Version 0.8

Release Date December 17, 2010
Version 0.8-beta
Release Name ASPIDE_0.8-beta

The first official release of ASPIDE. This version supports the visual editor, presented on the 25th Italian Conference of Computational Logic (CILC2010), that allows for drawing logic programs (for more information visit Moreover this version has a text editor that provides syntax coloring, error highlighting, code templates, auto-completion, dynamic code templates definition, quick fixed of errors and refactoring of predicates and variables. 

Other important features are: advanced configuration of the execution, with both tabular visualization of the results and execution in console, execution in Profiler, file and project management, enabling/disabling of single files, test suite, text/visual switching of the programs, dynamic window layout.

ASPIDE provides also an advanced management of the configuration files used by DLVDB (TYP files) using, for the building of those ones files, both Text Editor and a Visual Editor. The Text Editor provides auto-completion and syntax coloring and the Visual Editor allows graphical editing of the TYP files by connecting to external databases. A text/visual switching has been introduced also for the TYP files, and the list of the external data-sources for the enabled TYP files, are shown separately and can be synchronized by connecting to the databases to retrieve some other tables not specified in the TYP files. Regarding programs, in both text editor and visual editor the predicates that are tables of external data-source, are evidenced by a different color. In the Visual Editor for logico programs, the user can import new external data-sources and use them in the program by drag/drop in the body graph. 

This version contains a preferences window where the user can set the type and the dimension of the font and the preferred colours in the text editor. Using the same window it is possible to set the paths of the executables (DLV, DLVDB, DLT, etc...) . At the first execution of the application, an installation window is shown where the user can set the paths of the executables.

This version has also a Debugger, defined by integrating the debugging tool spock and by creating an intuitive graphical window that allows to set up the options of spock. A small wrapper for the spock results have been created too. For more information regarding spock, visit

This version contains also a graphical visualization of the Dependency Graph for the logic programs.