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 * <<newicon>> Nov 16th, 2012 - ASP-Core-2 Specification is [[https://www.mat.unical.it/aspcomp2013/files/ASP-CORE-2.0.pdf|out]]!  * <<newicon>> The [[CallforParticipation|Call for participation]] is out!
 * <<newicon>> Nov 16th, 2012 - [[https://www.mat.unical.it/aspcomp2013/files/ASP-CORE-2.0.pdf|ASP-Core-2 Specification]] is out!

Fourth (Open) Answer Set Programming Competition - 2013

The Fourth Answer Set Programming Competition is an open event: any system based on a declarative problem solving language can participate.

Current Status

  • Call for Benchmarks closed. Call for Participant Systems to be announced soon.

News and updates

What is the Open ASP Competition?

The Open ASP Competition has two tracks: the Model & Solve Track and the System Track.

  • In the Model & Solve Track, a number of problem domain specifications are given, together with a set of instances thereof. All you need to participate is a system able to model using a declarative specification paradigm of any sort, and some manpower for preparing benchmark solutions. Winners are awarded on the basis of their time performance and, for optimization problems, on the basis of the quality of their solutions. Note that we are more interested at comparing systems and their performance on standard problems, rather than measuring the modelling 'trickery' of participants: this is why you will have several months for preparing declarative specifications and your system, so to make affordable the burden of modelling a number of problems, also for small teams. Problem specification can be freely exchanged among participants whenever they use the same input language.

  • The System track is reserved to Answer Set Programming systems, able to cope with a fixed problem specification language. In the 3rd competition, the standard language was ASP-Core. The 4th ASP Competition will be held on an extension of ASP-Core expected to be released by September 30th 2011.

To have an idea of the type of problems involved and what we measure on competitors, you might want to visit the 3rd Edition's benchmark table, and our former Scoring system (scoring for the 4th Competition to be announced).

Detailed Information

You might want to subscribe this page for getting e-mail notifications about news (needs opening an user account).

Important Dates

  • Problem selection stage:
    • Aug 31th, 2012 - Problem submission deadline.
  • Competition stage:
    • Mar 1st, 2013 - Model & Solve participant submission deadline.

    • Mar 1st, 2013 - System participant submission deadline.


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