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Model & Solve Competition (M&S Track)


Regulations of the Model & Solve Competition are conceived in order to foster two aspects:

  1. Development and comparison of new expressive constructs and modeling paradigms. The M&S Track is open to any system based on any declarative language in order to foster exchange of ideas and comparison between communities.

  2. Fine tuning of declarative specifications and solvers. Participants of the M&S Track may configure their system on a per benchmark domain basis.

Rules outline

In the light of the above, the Model & Solve competition is held under the following rules guidelines:

  1. The competition organizers make a set of problem specifications public, together with a set of test instances that are expressed in a common instance input format;
  2. Per each problem, teams are allowed to submit a solver (or a bundle thereof) specifically fine-tuned and a problem encoding for the domain at hand;
  3. Any submitted solution to a problem must be mainly based on a declarative specification language; and
  4. Participants are then compared on a set of undisclosed instances.

For detailed rules and scoring consult Rules & Scoring.

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