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System Competition (System Track)


The regulations of the System Competition are conceived taking into account the following considerations:

  1. Language standardization. The System track is held on the basis of a standard ASP language, in order to encourage merging of ASP dialects.

  2. Comparison in fixed conditions. In the System track problem encodings are chosen by the organizer, and systems cannot be configured on a per benchmark domain basis, in order to compare the off-the-shelf performance of participants.

Rules outline

Given the above considerations, the System competition are held on the basis of the following rules guidelines:

  1. The System competition is open to systems able to parse a language in a fixed format: ASP-Core-2.0

  2. The competition is run over a selection of problems. For each problem, a corresponding fixed encoding written in ASP-Core 2.0, together with a set of benchmarks instances, is chosen by the organizers (see Problem Suite and Classification );

  3. Each participant system will be run with default settings on each problem instance;
  4. Syntactic special-purpose solving techniques, specialized on a per problem basis, are forbidden.

For detailed rules and scoring consult Rules & Scoring.

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