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Ingrid Carbone

Email: i.carbone[AT]unical.it
Web: Personal site

Functional analysis and applications.

I recently started studying sequences of uniformly distributed divisions. The aim is to revive interest in an old idea of Kakutani, which has not been sufficiently exploited. I also want to look for links with the well-known classic results on uniformly distributed sequences of points. Continuing investigations in the field of discrepancy and uniform distribution of LS type point sequences, research is proceeding with the determination of a different form (more easily implemented on a computer) for the algorithm that associates a sequence of points of this type to a succession of LS type partitions. Furthermore, we intend to study the behavior of LS type point sequences in the square and, even more generally, in the hypercube, in an attempt to achieve a result similar to what Halton found in the hypercube for the point sequences. like van der Corput.


Teaching - Academic Year 2019/2020: