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Giampiero Chiaselotti

Email: chiaselotti[AT]unical.it
Web: Personal site

Discrete Mathematics, Hypergraphs, Graphs and Order Theory.

My research is currently directed towards the investigation of possible links between some theoretical computer science research fields and some other corresponding fields of study pertaining to discrete mathematics. Specifically, I try to use in discrete mathematics some theoretical computer science investigation tools. As is well known, there are broad areas of study whose main research methodology is based on the application of mathematical methods in computer science. By analogy, my research could be defined as the application of computer science methods in discrete mathematics. In detail, I deal with : application of discrete dynamical system methods in order theory; - sand piles model techniques applied on two types of partial orders defined on integer partitions and their extensions to signed integer partitions; application of formal context analysis methods in hypergraph and graph theory; application of granular computing paradigm in directed and undirected graph theory.


Teaching - Academic Year 2019/2020: