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Email: f.infusino[AT]mat.unical.it

Graphs, Matroids, Granular Computing

I'm interested in finding new links between granular computing, formal context theory and graph theory. Translating some classical notions from granular computing in the graph context, I study the behavior of specific set systems in terms of a special kind of local symmetry induced on the vertex set of the graph. The aforementioned set systems have some interesting combinatorial properties which are object of my investigation. By integrating the previous properties with additional ones, for instance, matroidal-like properties, several structural properties of the graph.may be isolated. Thus, I'm trying to provide characterizations of structural properties of graphs in terms of additional combinatorial properties of the set systems arising when one considers the adjacency matrix of a graph as an information table.

Awards and Honors:
Third best work of the XV International Conference on RSFDGrC 2015, 20/11/2015- 23/11/2015, Tianjin, for the paper Preclusivity and Simple graphs (jointly with G. Chiaselotti, D. Ciucci, T. Gentile). Conference held by Dr. D. Ciucci.


Teaching - Academic Year 2019/2020: