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Information for Visitors

How to reach University of Calabria

University of Calabria is located in Rende. There are several options to travel to Rende.

By airport

The nearest airport is Lamezia Terme Airport (SUF) (approximately 60km). There are shuttles, trains and buses from Lamezia Terme Airport to Rende. The trip takes from one to two hours and the single fare ranges from 7 EUR to 30 EUR, depending on the type of the trip.

By train

The nearest train station is Castiglione Cosentino and many trains are daily available from other Italian cities. Timetable details from Trenitalia website.

By car

For detailed driving directions to the location of the University, we suggest these online resources: http://www.viamichelin.com or http://maps.google.com.


The following hotels reserve special rates for visitors at University of Calabria. Price ranges are indicated below, depending on room type (single room, double room for one person, double room). Breakfasts are included in room rate. Reservation can made by email, please remember to mention University of Calabria when making your reservation. All hotels are in the Quattromiglia area, the urban district of Rende that is closest to the University of Calabria CAMPUS.

(The conditions might change, please refer to the hotel's website)

Assistance to Plan a Visit

If you are going to visit the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at University of Calabria and you need assistance to arrange your stay, please fill the form below and send it to paola.sdao@unical.it.