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Laura Paladino

Email: paladino[AT]mat.unical.it
Web: Personal site

Algebraic number theory, arithmetic geometry, arithmetic of dynamical systems.

My main research interests are local-global problems, number fields generated by torsion points of elliptic curves and preperiodic points of rational functions of the projective space over a global field. I've been mainly worked on the local-global divisibility problem on commutative algebraic groups; on the triviality of some Tate-Shafarevich groups and the triviality of some cohomology groups; on the divisibility of elements of the Tate-Shafarevich of an elliptic curve over a number field in the Weil-Châtelet group; on the number fields generated by m-torsion points of an elliptic curve, where m is a positive integer; on the preperiodic points of rational functions of the projective line over a global field.


Teaching - Academic Year 2019/2020: