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Francesco Ricca

Email: ricca[AT]mat.unical.it
Web: Personal site, LinkedIn

Artificial Intelligence, Answer Set Programming, Logic Programming, Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Ontologies, Deductive Databases, Information Integration, E-Tourism, E-Learning

Francesco Ricca's research interests range over several fields related to knowledge representation, logic programming, nonmonotonic reasoning, software engineering, e-tourism and e-learning. He has published more than 40 refereed articles including international journals, collections and conference proceedings in these areas. His paper "Disjunctive Logic Programming with Types and Objects: The DLV System" published in the Journal of Applied Logics Volume 5, Number 3 is one of the five most cited articles ever of this international journal ranked A in the ERA Ranking. He has served in the program committees of major conferences and he served as a reviewer journals and conferences of his research areas.

The main theme of his research belongs to the fields of Answer Set Programming (ASP) and its applications, with the goal of providing means for effectively exploiting this language in real-world applications. He has proposed language extensions and evaluation techniques for ASP, as well as development tools and real-world applications of ASP, including: languages for dealing with ontologies, extensions of DLV (a state-of-the-art system for computing answer sets of disjunctive deductive databases), hybrid languages and libraries for the integration of logic programming and object-oriented programming, integrated development environments for ASP, techniques for data integration and consistent query answering, and techniques for parallel and distributed evaluation of ASP programs. The developed systems and tools are used by both researchers and companies.

He is a founding member of IDUM s.r.l. of a spin-off of the University of Calabria, which has the goal of applying the research results obtained in the field of knowledge representation and nonmonotonic reasoning for developing e-tourism systems and services.

He is a member of the DLV team, a state-of-the art ASP system.


Teaching - Academic Year 2019/2020: