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Annarosa Serpe

Email: annarosa.serpe[AT]unical.it
Web: Personal site, LinkedIn

Expertise: Mathematics Education, Enhancing Mathematics Education Through Technology, Software particularly useful for math education.

Annarosa Serpe’s research interests are in the teaching-learning of mathematics with particular reference to the use of the computer as a tool for programming His main topics of research are: Teaching-learning methodology using the DGS and CAS, Microworlds and the new realism of mathematics, Managing didactical interaction, Person/machine interaction and acquisition of a mathematical language, Problems, limits, and potentials of the teacher/machine partnership, Computational transposition of mathematics and related epistemological, the design and implementation of computer-based interactive learning environments. Initial and in-service training of teacher. Annarosa Serpe for several years has been involved in the training of teachers in information technology; she perfected her studies at the University of Florence (Italy) at the Laboratory of Educational Technologies in "Methods and Techniques of Training Network” covering, also, the role of Peer Review . She has gained professional experience at national and European level covering, among other things, the role of teaching expert at the Ministry of University Education and Research (MIUR) in the field "New Technologies and Training - Computer and Technology skill" and the role of trainer for INDIRE in the Plan for Staff Training in the Primary School DM 61/2003. She is the author of several publications and co-author of two multimedia software packages for teaching and learning in primary schools. Since 1999 Annarosa Serpe has collaborated with the Center for Didactic Research (CIRD) of the UNICAL on innovative projects of action research and since 2002 she has been teaching on the Degree Course in Primary Education at the UNICAL. From 2005 to 2009 she taught at the SSIS.


Teaching - Academic Year 2019/2020: