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Antonella Valenti

Email: antonella.valenti[AT]unical.it

Design and development of flexible and accessible educational paths and assessment tools, able to offer equal opportunities in learning, promoting the realization of a life project for each student, both in the school and in the university environment.

Her research is mainly oriented to the analysis of teachers' needs and their requests for professional qualification and to the design and development of assessment tools, teaching models and operational proposals, based on scientific evidence. Most of her scientific production concerns the educational problem of students with developmental disorders (in particular autism spectrum disorders and specific learning disorders - SLD), always with reference to the professional skills necessary for teachers and educators to promote meaningful learning and increase in the relational and social dimension. The research team coordinated by her, recently has created a battery of tests that assesses in detail the learning in young adults, through tests built specifically for the reference age group. This tool, published by a prestigious publisher, is receiving many appreciations for its completeness and ease of use, also for the purposes of didactic planning. Her research is developed through European projects and in collaboration with several Italian and foreign universities (mainly Spanish, Belgian and Portuguese). The numerous publications attest to her scientific commitment and the methodological rigor that have always characterized her long university career.

Awards and Honors:
2006- Senate of Republic Award- Culture.


Teaching - Academic Year 2019/2020: