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Antonio Fuduli

Email: antonio.fuduli[AT]unical.it
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Nonlinear Optimization, Nonsmooth Optimization, Classification Problems

The main research activity is on Nonsmooth Optimization, with particular emphasis to bundle methods for the minimization of convex [4, 6, 12] and nonconvex functions [7, 8].

Bundle methods have been initially conceived for minimizing convex nondifferentiable functions. They are based on the construction of a polyhedral model approximating from below the objective function. Such a model is obtained on the basis of a bundle of points computed at the previous iterations. The search direction is calculated by solving a quadratic program whose the objective function is given by the weighted sum of two conflictive objectives: on one hand we want to minimize the polyhedral model and on the other hand we want to minimize the Euclidean distance between the new point and the current point. A positive parameter, named the proximity parameter, is aimed at trading off between the two objectives and its tuning is fundamental for convergence reasons.

In [6] a new strategy for tuning the proximity parameter has been devised, while a different method for managing the bundle information is given in [4]. In [7] and [8], bundle methods have been extended to the nonconvex case: in particular, while in [7] a trust region approach is used for computing the search direction, in [8] a DC (Difference of Convex functions) polyhedral model is adopted. Moreover, since most of optimization problems arising in machine learning are of nonsmooth nature (see [2]), the algorithm devised in [7] has been also adopted for solving TSVM (Transductive Support Vector Machine) problems [3].

In [1] the problem of separation of sets by means of a sphere has been faced by DCA (DC-Algorithm) techniques. In such case in fact the nonsmooth classification error function can be easily put in the form of DC function.

In [9] and [11] two different approaches have been devised for solving, respectively, smooth constrained and unconstrained optimization problems, while in [5] and [10] two case studies of optimization in logistics have been faced.


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